Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance(Cap 610)
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Newly Constructed Buildings

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  1. How to demarcate “newly constructed building” (or “new building”) and “existing building” under the Ordinance? [Show answer]

  2. Submission of “stage one declaration” is required within 2 months after the “consent to the commencement of building works” for superstructure construction is issued. How about a “consent” solely for foundation and a “consent” covering both foundation and superstructure? [Show answer]

  3. If more than one “consent to the commencement of building works” for superstructure construction is obtained, should stage one declaration be submitted for each “consent”? [Show answer]

  4. If a prescribed building has already obtained the first consent to the commencement of building works for superstructure construction issued by the Buildings Department on or before 21 September 2012, and now obtains another one after 21 September 2012, is this building still regarded as an existing building under the Ordinance? [Show answer]

  5. If there is more than one block of building in a newly constructed project, may a stage one declaration form and a stage two declaration form covers all the buildings in the project? [Show answer]

  6. Regarding the edition of Building Energy Code (BEC) to be reported in a stage two declaration, is it necessarily the latest edition at the time of submission of the stage two declaration? [Show answer]

  7. If a covered footbridge with a machine-room-less lift extends and connects to a newly constructed refuse collection point (RCP), should stage one declaration be submitted for the footbridge, RCP and the machine-room-less lift? [Show answer]

  8. A residential development project consists of two building blocks, namely high block and low block. There is no linkage between these two blocks and the electric supply for high block and low block sourcing from high block. Should separated stage one declarations be submitted for high block and low block? [Show answer]

  9. In the form of EE-SU (Rev. 06/16), item b for EE2, there is the information “Total internal floor area of the building (m2)”. For a residential building, does the internal floor area only include the public area and plant room and exclude the internal area of the domestic flat units? Or it is the total building internal floor area regardless of the public or private area? Whether GFA can be input as the internal floor area? [Show answer]

  10. During the REA inspection, REA may found that some of the requirement cannot be fulfilled and the project team is required to investigate the problem and finding solution. However, it may not meet the 4 months timeslot. In such case, can the owner deferred the submission? [Show answer]

  11. What is BEEO requirement of the statutory submission about a single owned residential development? [Show answer]

  12. Given a 30-storey residential building, temporary occupation permit (TOP) is granted to G/F lift lobby, part of the corridor on certain floors and certain units in those floors. Should stage 2 submission be required to follow such TOP? [Show answer]

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