Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance(Cap 610)
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Energy Audit

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  1. Can Energy Audit Code (EAC) and the corresponding Technical Guidelines (TG) apply to those non-prescribed buildings under the BEEO? [Show answer]

  2. Should energy audit cover an individual unit of a commercial building or an individual shop of a shopping center? [Show answer]

  3. Will energy audit carried out before 21 September 2012 be recognized? [Show answer]

  4. If a building is principally regarded as one of the types of prescribed building other than commercial building listed in Schedule 1 of the Ordinance, will it be also regarded as a commercial building at the meantime so that energy audit is required? [Show answer]

  5. Is it required to carry out energy audit for old commercial-residential composite buildings? [Show answer]

  6. Is energy audit still required for the commercial portions of composite buildings or commercial buildings with only minor central building services installations, such as only a few lighting and/or central air-conditioners/ventilation-fans at common lobbies, corridors, staircases and/or toilets etc. in a small shopping center of a commercial-residential composite building or in a small office building? 
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  7. Which commercial buildings or composite buildings with commercial portions (such as shopping centres) are not mandatory to carry out energy audit? [Show answer]

  8. The commercial portion of a composite building only consists of some shops at ground floor with entrances all from the public street outside. There is no common area (such as corridor, staircase, toilet etc.) shared by the shops. The building services installations in each individual shop are installed and owned by the shop tenants solely serve the shop itself. Does the energy audit requirement apply to the commercial portion? [Show answer]

  9. There is a lift in a commercial-residential composite building and the lift serves both the storeys of a shopping centre at the lowest floors and the residential portion above. Does the energy audit requirement apply to this lift? [Show answer]

  10. May an owner of building apply for an extension to the deadline of energy audit specified in the Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance? [Show answer]

  11. The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) will issue letters to remind the owners of the relevant buildings to carry out energy audit before the deadlines prescribed in the Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance. If an owner does not receive EMSD’s such a letter, does it mean that the owner is not required to carry out energy audit for his/her building? [Show answer]

  12. Is it mandatory to implement the energy management opportunities (i.e. energy saving measures) identified in energy audit? [Show answer]

  13. Does the “total internal floor area” in the calculation of the Energy Utilization Index include the floor area of units and roof of a building? Moreover, what is the difference between the said “total internal floor area” and the “total of building entity” stated in item (B)7 of Part I of Form EE-EAes? [Show answer]

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